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Harmonic Therapyto cure itself 

Tire, pains, insomnia, these increasingly current evils often occur at people who do not listen themselves and who advance costs that costs. As the situations of stress accumulate, that the emotions mine the daily newspaper, the body sends increasingly brought closer signals; the accumulation of seemingly benign evils must alert you.

It is time to mark a pause, to sing, breathe, stop smoking, to nourish well, respect a regular rate/rhythm of life, with the need to have recourse to complementary alternative medicines before your body does not force you with a forced stop. The technique of the therapeutic bumblebee in general brings a greater comfort thanks to these harmonics which stimulate certain plexuses.

On a continuous sound in the low register, entonnez the vowel O deeply while placing the lips to the maximum forwards . Your lips must vibrate intensely. Mix the therapeutic bumblebee with the combination of vowels EU-I-EU. A flûtée melody is made hear. The harmonics are placed respectively on the level of the zone of the umbilical point (HAVE) and the top of the cranium.
Practise this technique of autoguérison by the Harmonic Therapy fifteen minutes each day, during one to three weeks, when you feel that “your batteries are flat” and that least contrariety upsets you.
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The Vocal Neuro Programming

  Just like phosphene is registered on the retina after fixing of an intense light, its vehicle quantity of residual vibrations inherent in the continual flood of information which comes to us at every moment. These memories of the sound reappear without one of it is always conscious. You point out for example impact that words usually pain-killers exert when you pronounce them but who undertake aggressiveness when you are confronted with a destabilizing situation; it then awakes a sonic memory in relation to a similar conflict lived in the past.

That one works with crystals with fine therapeutic or, on the other hand, that one treats acouphenes (buzzes of ear) which disturb the hearing, it is always of the vibratory loading of a support which, in the first case, is a transmitter of positive energy and in the second, of the cells of the inner ear and about the brain which require new programming.

It is according to this principle that I developed the Vocal Neuro Programming (V.N.P.) to transport information starting from a sound support. The use of the harmonic vocal techniques in V.N.P. is with this title particularly interesting because they exploit all the internal resources of the sound.

- I feel in me such a transformation that I want to continue always further my way of voice, known as the ingenuous one.

                                      www.chantharmonique.eu - European site of harmonic chant

musicologist, music therapist
founder of the therapeutic harmonic chant
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