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To sing the vowels

Starting from a continuous sound, the technique consists in generating overtones by the chant of the vowels which modify the shape of the oral cavity naturally. These vowels are like sound "spices”, each one adding its specificity by revisiting tonal savour of the preceding ones.

In Harmonic Therapy, one will collect quintessence of it by analyzing the produced harmonic sounds which will provide an invaluable data on body-sung.

To sing vowels, is thus to learn how to stretch each sound voyellic to enjoy it, to extract all its juice from it in order to distil it in the following vowel. It is also necessary to trust each other , release the support and to be invested fully in this vibratory voyage.

Sing a continuous sound in the low register while articulating, slowly and without singing them, vowels A… O… I… O… A… Take care to place the lips very ahead. Visualize your oral cavity to take an ovoid form which changes dimension imperceptibly. It is in this vocal mould in perpetual change that are worked out the harmonic sounds and particularly at the time of the passage of a vowel to another.

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Vibratory power of the vowels

Independently of the note on which you sing such or such vowel, this one has its own formantic signature, i.e. its specific frequencies for each resonator. They are the harmonics corresponding to the shape of the oral cavity and the pharynx which characterize each vowel and which enable you to hear it and to recognize it.

For example, vowel A vibrates on the level of the labiodental cavity with 2400 Hz whereas I culminates to 3200 Hz. It is understood better why the vocal emission of vowel I generates such a power able to cause feelings of giddinesses or that the harmonic chant can induce a state of consciousness quickly modified by still gearing down the intensity of the vowels. 

Formants of vowels A-E-I-O-OU
and their overtones (horizontal lines)
      www.chantharmonique.eu - European site of harmonic chant

What it is necessary to also underline, it is that this capacity of the vowel praised by our old exists really, that it is measurable, quantifiable, as you can note it on the table of the frequencies of the first three formants of vowels A-E-I-O-OU. 

Formants (Hz)












Oral cavity






Labiodental cavity







- I am astonished by these sounds which leave independently of me, known as the ingenuous one. It is the song of another myself, released from the physical body, a song of the ground and sky. 

        www.chantharmonique.eu - European site of harmonic chant

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