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Overtone, you said overtone?







To emit overtones and to make use of it for its balance and its health, here is a good idea but how to reach that point? How to hear these subtle frequencies which seem to come from nowhere, imperceptible and attractive? The harmonics, which is that it is? - The emergence of sonorities in the chants of the monks Tibetans, in those of the singers of Central Asia, the sound penetrating of a crystal bowl, notes suspended under the fingers of the guitarist, a chorus with far when the resonance of the gong is prolonged in silence, a furtive melody above the song of the OM, sound pearls of the water of a fountain…

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What is what harmonic song?
To give you a simple image, the overtone is the “cell” of the sound. The richer it is in overtones and the more the voice has a pleasant timbre. The principle of the harmonic chant is the simultaneous emission of two sounds: a bass and continuous sound, sometimes nasalized, and one of its partial in the acute one. One could compare this phenomenon with an instrument like the bagpipe which makes hear at the same time a drone bass and a melody of overtones.
                    www.chantharmonique.eu - European site of harmonic chant
How does that function?
To leave the overtones, one learns how to modify the shape of the mouth, to be useful oneself of the point of the tongue or to roll up the lips but the simple fact spontaneously of singing a combination of vowels in product.
  Thus the Gregorian chant generates overtones because the unison with the voices reinforces certain frequencies of the singers and produces a continuous and fusional melody which nourishes song of the vaults: those of the oral cavities and architecture symbolic system of the place.


- Overtone is universal. Admittedly, known as the ingenuous one, but which are the people founders who received it nature and who transmitted it to us?

           www.chantharmonique.eu - European site of harmonic chant

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